UCH SHR RO1 EV SC SI AN SPOT Kelrobin Shenanigans RN WC CGC Can RN





(pictured at 2 years)

About Bran :

Born: 3/10/14

Daughter of Raven

B(yc) EeBbDD
Black carrying yellow and chocolate and does not carry dilute gene

OFA Hips: Good
Elbows: Normal
OFA Cardiac: Normal
Eyes ACVO Cleared  at 7 weeks and yearly
PRA Normal/Clear by Parentage
EIC Carrier
HPNK Clear
Full Dentition


Named after my beloved Shanny who was full of Shannigans, a play on the word shenanigans. Shanny passed away two days before Bran was born. Bran has a small bit of white on her chest I call "Shanny's Kiss". I believe Shanny kissed puppy Bran as they passed; Shanny going up to Heaven and Bran coming down to be born, marking Bran as hers. They are so much alike it's scary sometimes.

Bran means "raven" in Gaelic.

Bran has three passes towards her Junior Hunter title. I hope to get the title in 2018.

Bran has 7 points towards her Canadian Championship with very limited showing.

Bran's titles:

UCH - UKC Champion
SHR - UKC Started Retriever
URO1 - UKC Rally title level 1
CGC - AKC Canine Good Citizen
Can RN - CKC Rally Novice
WC - Working Certificate
NC - UKC Nosework Novice Container
NI - UKC Nosework Novice Interior
PTN - UKC Nosework Pre-Trial Novice
PTA - UKC Nosework Pre-Trial Advanced
PTS - UKC Nosework Pre-Trial Superior
AC - UKC Nosework Advanced Container
NE - UKC Nosework Novice Exterior
PTM - UKC Nosework Pre-Trial Master
PTE - UKC Nosework Pre-Trial Elite
SPOT - UKC Socialized Pet Obedience Test
NV - UKC Nosework Novice Vehicle
NN - Earned all four Novice elements in UKC Nosework
AI - UKC Advanced Interior
SC - UKC Superior Container
AE - UKC Advanced Exterior
AV - UKC Advanced Vehicle
AN - Earned all four Advanced elements in UKC Nosework
SI - UKC Superior Interior
SV - UKC Superior Vehicle

Can RN - CKC Rally Novice
MV - UKC Master Vehicle
RN - AKC Rally Novice
EV - UKC Elite Vehicle


All wins/titles are strictly owner/non-professionally handled.


Bran and her little brother Corbin in the snow, December 2016



Bran 2½ years




Bran doing her Elite Vehicle nosework 9/17/17.
Elite is the highest level of nosework in UKC. Bran found 4 scent hides in 1:45, winning the class by a good 2 minutes. She would have been quicker had I not forgotten we had already searched the white car.




Bran earning her WC on 8/8/15 (17 months)




Bran loves to retrieve as much as her mother Raven